Supertaste - The Richest Form of Communication

Supertaste - The Richest Form of Communication

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Released: 02.06.23


1. Pick Up (Intro)

2. Power

3. Is It Enough

4. Busk

5. Shot In The Dark

6. Always You

7. Dunston

Having released four singles from their forthcoming EP earlier this year, Supertaste drop the full package ‘The Richest Form of Communication’. Joining the likes of ‘Power’, ‘Is It Enough', ‘Always You’ and ‘Dunston’, which all received mega support across DSPs, the EP is completed with latest single ‘Shot In The Dark.’ 'Shot in the Dark' is a track that exudes the ultimate indie-funk vibe. Combining mirrorball groove with interlocking kick drums throughout ‘Shot In The Dark’ is Supertaste’s most danceable track yet. Kicking off the track with catchy-guitar lines which transform with additions of pleasurable bassline and groovy rhythms, Supertaste once again showcase use of instruments, effects and layers to make for a perfectly produced track. Supertaste's third EP, titled 'The Richest Form of Communication', showcases the band's growth as a live ensemble. With a focus on refining their instrumentation and performance, the EP was recorded in the mountainous region of Western Tennessee, taking inspiration from the band's love of good company, fine wine and food. The music on this EP reflects the emotions and creativity of the band's trip, incorporating elements of dance music, layered guitars, and subdued keys to create a distinctive sound that can be likened to a blend of Jungle, Tame Impala, and Tom Misch. The group’s unique sound along with their indie look makes for endless listening for huge crossover appeal. Celebrating the launch at Soho House in their hometown, New York, the EP is just the beginning for Supertaste. With live session recordings, music videos, custom made beer, DJ sets in London and guest mixes set for the coming month, these guys are poised to deliver in 2023.