Stress: 2023 Selects

Stress: 2023 Selects

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Released: 15.12.23


1. Because Of Art - Circle of Light (feat. Antony Szmierek)

2. Eynka - Skyboarding

3. Subtrax - WFT

4. Bacavi - I Don't Wanna Fall In Love 

5. Gene Farris - Limousine

6. Leena Punks - OOO (Out Of Office)

7. t e s t p r e s s - U

8. Jerome Price - 2 Times

9. GHSTGHSTGHST - Reach Out (feat. Lauren L'aimant) 

10. Tommy Farrow- Let's Just (Baron Von Trax Remix)

11. Calvin Logue - Because Of You

12. JADED - Work (Maxinne Remix)

13. Stephen Kirkwood - Loving You

14. Charlie Boon - Mare St

Dive into the heart of electronic innovation as Stress Records proudly unveils "Stress: 2023 Selects," a meticulously curated masterpiece featuring the label's most celebrated tracks from the past year. Spanning the diverse realms of house, melodic beats, breaks, and progressive sounds, this various artists album encapsulates the unmistakable essence of the Stress sound that has captivated music enthusiasts worldwide. The journey begins with the ethereal "Circle of Light" by Because of Art, featuring Antony Szmierek, setting the stage for an emotional club banger that was shelled all summer in the festival circuit from the likes of Anja Schneider, Sasha and Anna. Eynka's exhilarating "Skyboarding" propels us into a emotional production masterpiece, followed by Subtrax's compelling “WFT" which takes the listener on a catchy sonic rollercoaster. Feel the emotional resonance of Bacavi's "I Don't Wanna Fall In Love" and the infectious energy of Gene Farris' "Limousine." Leena Punks' "OOO (Out Of Office)" introduces a playful rhythms, before t e s t p r e s s delivers the enigmatic "U," adding an housey twist. Jerome Price's "2 Times" invites a pulsating beat to the rework of the 90s classic, while GHSTGHSTGHST's trancey weapon “Reach Out" (feat. Lauren L'aimant) showcases a fusion of soul-stirring vocals and synths. The remix mastery of "Let's Just (Baron Von Trax Remix)" and "Work (Maxinne Remix)" adds an modern twist to this limited edition release. As you navigate through Calvin Logue's "Because Of You," Stephen Kirkwood's "Loving You," and Charlie Boon's "Mare St," "Stress: 2023 Selects" becomes more than an album—it's a celebration of diversity, collaboration, and the relentless pursuit of club bangers.