HUMS - Adore EP

HUMS - Adore EP

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Released: 24.03.23


1. HUMS - Dance With Me

2. HUMS - Take Me Back

3. HUMS - Dream (About You)

4. HUMS - Adore

5. HUMS - Outro

The man behind Hums is Elias Durac – a 26-year-old producer who now lives in Helsinki, Finland.

In 2022, after dealing with some personal issues, the songs came pouring out of him in just one week. As a result, there’s an effortlessness that would be hard to fake if one would have fiddled with the production for months on end. The feeling is amplified by the spur-of-the-moment vocals that are more often than not sampled from his phone’s old voice recordings. Sure, you can hear the Dan Snaith fanboy there, but Elias is the first to name Caribou as one of the big influences.

Adore features a range of tracks which all radiate classic house vibes. Suitable for any party, poolside or club, every track on the EP has its own individual flavour. Hums have managed to make 5 tracks which all gel together yet retain their individuality.

For a chilled out vibe, play Dance With Me, a track which oozes good vibes and grove and for a more upbeat vibe try take me back, a track which pushes on and on as it plays evoking energy and intensity whilst still being easily listenable.

Dream about you is another chilled out club banger from Hums. Slowly building and teasing you with beautifully constructed effects, coated in reverb and filling the mix, this track is a warm memory maker which radiates good times and good vibes.

Adore is an excellently produced song featuring carefully filtered vocals giving Majestic Casual vibes. The song is a feel good, summer bop with cleverly constructed keys underpinning the beat and a rumbling bass throughout. Short and sweet, this is a track that will take you to the summer with your friends and is one for that nostalgia playlist. A worthy title track.

Take Me Back is a surprising song - the vocals are unique with high gain and deep, booming hits of bass tie up with the keys superbly. Hums has managed to create a track which is as mellow as it is dancy being fit for any party. Yet again, this one will take you to summer nights and hits that nostalgia spot. The space in the mix is utilised excellently and the top shelf production makes this one a real hit.

With masses of intricate production, incredible use of dynamics and a real love of dance music at its core, adore is an all round fantastic EP which radiates good times and fits in any party you’re having.