Best of Future Disco 2022

Best of Future Disco 2022

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Released: 30.12.2022


1. Bondax x Dur Dur Band - Yabaal to London (Extended Mix)

2. Ekkah - Waiting 4 You (Hot Toddy Remix)

3. Daisybelle & Tasty Lopez - Starlight (Extended Club Edit)

4. Bondax - Fade (Never Dull Extended Remix)

5. Midnight Sky - All That Glitters

6. Saison - Feel The Push (Extended Mix)

7. Alex Virgo & Benjamin Groove - You Believe (Extended Mix)

8. Alen Dixon & Dorothys Fortress - Bronx Warriors

9. Dorothys Fortress - Kings of Suburbia

10. Phone D - Anoa

11. Lord Leopard - Club Saturn (feat. Conal Kelly)

12. Mix & Fairbanks - Messenger (Extended Mix)

Future Disco has been serving up 21st century disco for dance music enthusiasts for over a decade. Established in 2009, the brand has consistently been at the forefront of emerging trends and introducing the world to a host of future stars with its feel-good disco tinged soundtrack. With a host of parties hosted this year and the massive Mirrorball Motel releasing, we thought we’d compile our favourite tracks of the year, all in one place for your ears. Featuring the likes of Bondax, Alan Dixon and Midnight Sky, this compilation is bound to keep your feet moving and give you that disco fix we all crave. With a mix of chilled out groovers and upbeat movers, this selection is a brilliant soundtrack to any party.