Alinka - Power of Today EP

Alinka - Power of Today EP

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Released: 10/02/23


1. Alinka - Power of Today

2. Alinka - Beginners

3. Alinka - Til You Return

Alinka is the kind of DJ other DJ’s will tell you about. She has a unique power on the decks that comes from lifelong passion and time served, with a focused devotion to her first love – house music. Raised on Chicago’s vibrant house sound with toes dipped into Detroit techno and Europe’s more robust approaches to bass music and the myriad of genres coming from cities like Berlin, London and Paris.

Alinka is back with a brand new EP, Power of Today. The title track is a chilled out dance tune which uses a plethora of electronic instruments and sounds to create an absorbing mix which will keep you moving. With a classic house melody as the backbone of the track, the delays and samples arrive to put you in a 90s vibe - the intelligent use of different sounds, reverbs and risers keep you hooked into this song and the Gorillaz style vocals add the cherry on top.

Beginners is another groovy dance tune that is all electric and all round good vibes. Using a wonderfully dialed in organ to add the melody, this track sounds like it belongs as the theme song for a classic Nintendo game. With a cute melody and top shelf production, this tune fits into any party, poolside or club.

Rounding off the EP comes Til You Return. This track features everything you love about house music. With a pounding beat throughout, the soundscape effects and electronic layers all combine to make a real club anthem here. With a vintage vibe again, this is a perfect way to end a fantastic EP. Familiar sounds with added finesse fit for 2023.